DevExpress Reports and Dashboards Services: Our Experts Will Do The Job

Services: Reports and Dashboards Creation, Migration and Deployment.

DevExpress Reports and Dashboards -
DevExpress Reports and Dashboards -

DevExpress Reporting

Platform-agnostic reports for WinForms, WPF, WinUI, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, and Blazor. Meaning EVERYWHERE.

DevExpress Reporting -
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DevExpress XtraReports: All you need in A Reporting App

Xari can help you integrate DevExpress XtraReports into an existing application or create a new reporting application from scratch.

Migrating From Another Reporting Engine

We have migrated several projects from Crystal Reports, Fast Reports, Telerik Reports, Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and more. In the process we have developed several internal tools to make that path outstandly fast.

DevExpress Blazor Reporting

Add Reporting to your Blazor Applications Today. DevExpress XtraReports offers a cross-platform drawing engine that ensures document rendering quality regardless of target platform (be it .NET Core or .NET Framework) and combination of operating system with a hosting provider (Linux or macOS, Azure or AWS).

DevExpress Blazor Reporting

Free DevExpress Report Course

This is the first draft. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Dashboards course coming soon.

Testimonials from our DevExpress Reports Customers

The Reports and Dashboards Experts at Xari are extremely knowledgeable. I have been working with DevExpress Reports for 10 years and I learned more with them in 4 months about scripting, sub reports, performance, custom control integrations and custom data sources than in all the years before. They convinced me when they migrated a report I had in Crystal Reports and took me a month, well they did it in a week. At that moment I was sold.
Pedro Hernandez
Inteligencia 360


Most frequent questions and answers

After testing several reporting engines we strongly believe  DevExpress Reports is the best royalty-free reporting tool and component library for the .NET ecosystem. Main Considerations: Visual Studio Integrations, Supported Platforms, Built in Components, Data Sources, Deployment, End User Designer, Updates, Support and Price.

DevExpress Reporting supported data sources are: SQL Databases, XML File, Entity Framework, Business Objects, Excel File, JSON Data, MongoDB Instance, XPO, Data Federation, and any Standard .NET Data Providers.

Absolutely, that is the beauty of it. We can implement a custom control based on an existing report control: extend the existing control with custom properties, methods, events, other members or if existing report controls do not fit your needs, we can implement a new custom control from scratch. Xari has done several integrations for clients with really specific requirements, if yo don’t find what you need in the Toolbox, we can add it.